How Much Does Dental Crown Cost?

04/06/23 11 MIN Read

Dental crowns are a common dental procedure that can help restore the appearance and function of damaged teeth. In contrast to their common nature, however, their price may vary depending on a variety of factors.

Because a dental crown is a long-term investment, knowing everything about the cost of a dental crown is always a good idea for dental patients. This blog post was written to aid you with exactly that.

Factors Affecting the Cost of A Dental Crown

The cost of a dental crown can vary, depending on several factors, with the most prevalent ones being:


Dental crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, gold, and resin. The choice of material significantly impacts the overall cost, with gold and porcelain crowns generally being more expensive than resin or metal-based options.

Crowns that serve an aesthetic and natural purpose, such as zirconia and gold and metal alloy crowns, necessitate more customization, thus the higher price. The types of dental crown material can play an important factor to how long a dental crown can last too.

On the other hand, crowns that only need to be sturdy and durable, such as all-ceramic or PFM crowns, are easier to manufacture and can be added to your tooth faster, but they may cost more if you also want them to be more beautiful.

Dentist’s Experience and Expertise 

The cost of a dental crown may also depend on the dentist’s level of expertise and experience. Highly skilled and experienced dentists may charge more for their services.

Geographic Location 

Dental costs tend to vary by location, with urban areas and regions with higher costs of living often having higher dental fees.

Type of Dental Practice

The cost of a dental crown may vary depending on the type of dental practice you visit. Private practices, for example, may charge more than a dental clinic associated with a dental school or a government-run facility.

Keep in mind that some additional costs might incur. Read on to learn about them.

Additional Costs to Consider

While getting the desired dental crowns to your teeth is a very important part of the procedure, there are other steps that must be taken for a successful dental upgrade. 

Here are some additional charges that may increase the cost:

  • Consultation fees: as in the evaluation of your teeth and gums to determine if you are a candidate for a crown, and if so, which type of crown would suit you best.
  • X-ray fees: taking X-rays allows your dentist to accurately assess the condition of your teeth and gums, ensuring that the crown is placed correctly and fits perfectly.
  • Teeth cleaning fees: plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth can interfere with crown placement and lead to complications during and after the process, hence the necessity of a thorough teeth cleaning.
  • Possible complications and associated costs: these could arise during the procedure, such as the need for root canal therapy or an emergency appointment.

All of these factors can come into play in finding the answer to how much a dental crown would cost you.

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