Dr. James Eisdorfer graduated from New York University College of Dentistry. He then completed 3 years of Prosthodontic specialty training at Montefiore. There he became Chief Resident. He carried this knowledge with him into his position as an associate professor at Columbia University School of Dentistry. Additionally, he had success in research as he has been published in numerous medical journals.

Through his years of experience Dr. Eisdorfer took on one major goal. That is, to achieve the “naturally perfect” smile. This means keeping up with the latest dental technology and constantly evolving to ensure the best patient outcome. Dr. Eisdorfer is committed to providing smile makeovers with minimally invasive techniques by using the latest 3D scanners, digital smile design and technology.

The main contributing component to Dr. Eisdorfer’s success is his ability in understanding, listening and connecting to his patients. He believes that compassion, attentiveness, and the finest quality of dentistry will make any patient’s smile, naturally perfect.